The route to market in the new tourism reality

The COVID crisis has changed the way of doing business and selling tourism. To help tour operators make sense of the new tourism reality I wrote an article for The Good Tourism Institute that gives you tips for finding new business partners and customers from Europe once tourism recovers.

Please note with the travel advisories in Europe changing rapidly it is even more important to figure out who can travel where, when and how. The good news is that important source markets for long haul travel like Germany, The Netherlands and Switzerland will be lifting some of the negative travel advisories for destinations outside Europe from October 2020. No doubt more European countries will follow.

Also check this recent article by Tourwriter.

In the meantime check this overview of OTAs for inbound tour operators/DMCs (with more and more having a focus on sustainable tourism):

B2C distribution channels

Better Places




Stride Travel



Much Better Adventures


Adventure Junky


Positive Travel

Via Fair Travel

Responsible Travel

Trip Connexion

Clean Travel

Fair Voyage

Go Barefoot

Designer Journeys

Do It

We Travel

Insight Guides


Local Booking



Not In The Guidebooks

Indy Guide

Yügen Earthside

Clean Travel

Travel Local


Safari / Africa focus



Your African Safari

Gallivant Africa

Kumba Africa

Safari Deal


CBT tour and activity distribution channels

Airbnb Experiences

GetYourGuide – Supplier Administration | GetYourGuide for Suppliers

ToursByLocals –

TripAdvisor Experiences –

I like Local –

Lokal Travel –

Keteka –

B2B distribution channels


Buzz Travel

Winding Tree

The list is a work-in-progress and will be updated every now and again. If you see OTAs listed that are no longer in business or have other OTA tips that I should add then do let me know!


Future of Tourism Coalition

Green Heart Tourism has become a signatory to the Future of Tourism Coalition.

Interested travel and tourism stakeholders are invited to show their support and become part of the movement by joining as signatories. The Guiding Principles provide a clear moral and business imperative for building a healthier tourism industry while protecting the places and people on which it depends. Those Principles call for signatories to:

  1. See the whole picture
  2. Use sustainability standards 
  3. Collaborate in destination management
  4. Choose quality over quantity
  5. Demand fair income distribution
  6. Reduce tourism’s burden
  7. Redefine economic success
  8. Mitigate climate impacts
  9. Close the loop on resources 
  10. Contain tourism’s land use
  11. Diversify source markets
  12. Protect sense of place
  13. Operate business responsibly

The foundation of these principles was built on a firm belief that taking a holistic approach to responsible and sustainable tourism is the only way to secure the future the Coalition stands for. 


Widen your African horizon: tour Tunisia!

With travel advisories slowly lifting tour operators looking to restart tours to Africa may find their options are a bit limited so why not widen your African horizon? Now is a perfect time to get creative and shift focus from southern and eastern #Africa to the North, to #Tunisia! Same goes for long haul specialists that previously dismissed Tunisia as ‘just a beach destination’, you have been missing out on a hidden gem.

Tunisia has done extremely well in tackling the COVID19 crisis and is open to welcome and host visitors safely. It may not have the bush and Big 5 but you can definitely plan a self-drive #safari‘ away from the masses in wide open spaces enjoying national parks, friendly locals, superb historical sites, delicious wine and olive oil tastings, desert experiences, rich food and culture staying in gourgeous traditional dars and quaint guesthouses. After your deep dive into the hinterland you can top it off with some beach time.

Sounds like a plan? Need a reliable inbound partner? The Import Promotion Desk #IPD) is supporting some excellent sustainable tourism specialists. These #DMCs specialise in cultural, soft adventure and ecotourism routes.

If you would like to be connected to them, email Emilie :