Marine Dynamics wins Lilizela Award

Marine Dymamics Lilizela Award 2015

Marine Dynamics recently won the Lilizela Award for Best Visitor Experience. Here’s what the Minister of Tourism Derek Hanekom had to say:

“Marine Dynamics offers a unique and exciting adventure: diving with sharks. Tourists remember this remarkable experience in our ocean forever. They encounter our amazing biodiversity up close, and they tell others about it. By creating meaningful and memorable experiences, Marine Dynamics is helping to position South Africa as a competitive global destination with unique attractions, and is spreading the valuable message of marine conservation around the world. The Department of Tourism applauds your outstanding work to showcase our country internationally, and congratulates you on winning a Lilizela award.” 

Read more on Marine Dynamic’s website.


Meet Professor Harold Goodwin


Responsible Tourism without Professor Harold Goodwin would be like the peace movement without leaders like Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King or Mahatma Gandhi. Harold Goodwin’s conferences, research and writing have become crucial instruments for making sure that those in charge of travel companies and tourist destinations won’t forget their social and environmental responsibilities when dreaming up new ways of making money.

In this interview, Harold Goodwin tells us how it all started and how his views on sustainable – responsible – tourism have changed over the years.


The Good Holiday goes whale watching with Dyer Island Cruises

The Good Holiday is a great blog about responsible travel in South Africa and beyond. They recently went whale watching with Dyers Island Cruises. Not only did they see some fantastic whale action, they were also really impressed with the staff.

“I cannot begin to explain how incredible the team is. Truly, one of the things that makes or breaks an experience for me is the crew and service. I almost want to give ALL OF THEM 1000/10 if that is at all possible. Everyone involved, work to make their love for the ocean visible. In all honesty you will be safe and entertained and informed and happy!”

There is still time to see the whales until the end of the year so hurry and book your trip soon!