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Influence Tours offers premium, guided tours across South Africa, one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Our commitment to positive change in South Africa is what drives us. It is also what makes your experience with us unique.

When Jan Nytomt, the founder of Influence Tours, retired he had a vision to give back to society. After his first visit to South Africa he was moved when he saw the challenges that people face in the townships. At that moment, he was inspired to make a difference. He decided to use his knowledge and experience from the business world to start a family-run company. Its goal? To generate continuous and substantial funding to support township children in Cape Town. Thus, Influence Tours was founded.

When we started we had a single vision; to create positive impact for the children in townships. The idea of using the popular and ever growing tourism industry as a catalyst for change, then slowly came to us. Through tourism we aim to make an impact. That is why we have decided to donate 100% of our profits to our local charity partner Township Roots.

Our vision is to financially support Township Roots, long-term. By selling more tours and by bringing our clients closer to the local charity initiatives, we believe that we can contribute to a change in many childrens lives” – Jan Nytomt, founder of Influence Tours.

You can select one of our tour packages, or let us help you put together an experience that is customised to your interests. Either way, you will have an authentic and rewarding experience that leaves a positive legacy in South Africa.

Sustainability is essential to us. With this being said, we have carefully selected our partners to ensure that they are not only of a high quality, but treat their staff with respect, invest in local development projects, and are considerate of the environment. We visit each of the businesses that we work with in person to ensure the above standards are met. When you have booked your trip with us, you can read more about each hotel’s sustainability initiatives in the detailed information pack.

Katarina Mancama, Head Guide and Product Manager

Katarina loves to travel, and this passion has taken her to many unique places around the globe. She was born and raised in Sweden and subsequently lived, studied and worked in Australia, the UK, Panama and Switzerland, before making South Africa her home in 2005.

She has a Master’s degree in Responsible Tourism and has dedicated her career to ensuring that tourism benefits the people, places and communities that make it happen. She also loves to share her adopted home country, the Rainbow Nation, its people, and places, with visitors from near and far.

During my 10 years in South Africa I have worked, and advocated for, sustainable tourism. I love exploring South Africa through its people, cultures, food and drink; but also by closely interacting with its nature and wildlife. To me, it is these experiences that give you that extra touch and deeper understanding of your destination. Naturally, I will show you the classic “must-see-attractions”, but I also want to share with you my personal favourite places that few other tourists ever get the opportunity to see and experience.-Katarina Mancama, Product Manager at Influence Tours

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